Home Abandoned

On July 8th of 1947, 1st Lieutenant Walter Haut, public information officer from the 509th Atomic Bomb Group at the Roswell Army Airfield in New Mexico was ordered by base commander, Colonel William Blanchard, to release information to the public announcing that the United States Army Air Forces had recovered a crashed “flying disc” from a ranch near Roswell. The paper reported that “the find had been made sometime last week” and had been turned over to the air field through cooperation of the sheriff’s office.” Later that same day, the United States retracted the claim and assured that instead, a crashed weather balloon had been recovered.

The Welcome Home abandoned place is on the 300 block of North Coolwell Road, the town of Madison Heights, Amherst County, Virginia.

The Aspotogan Sea Spa is at 169 Ocean Gate Drive, in the community of Hubbards, along the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

This abandoned home is along North Coolwell Road, in the town of Madison Heights, Amherst County, Virginia.

Woodlawn House is along an unnamed road off of road R359, in the town of Ballinasloe, village of Woodlawn, County Galway, Ireland.

The Borror House remains were along the Jackson Pike Highway (Route 104), outside of Grove City, Franklin County, Ohio.

This home is on 2127 Elm Street, in the White Rock Hill subdivision, downtown Lynchburg, Virginia.

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