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The Abandoned Penn Hills Resort in the Pocono Mountains


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November 30, 2013


The Poconos Penn Hills Resort is located right on the side of Route 447 in the Pocono Mountains region, in the community of Analomink in the Stroud Township of Monroe County in Pennsylvania.

Penn Hills Resort began in 1944 as a local tavern. Soon it grew in popularity and ended up with 500 acres and over 100 rooms. It specialized in honeymoons and romantic vacations and became very popular in the 1960’s. The rooms featured ceiling to ceiling carpet, heart shaped bath tubs and circular beds. It was titled as the ‘Paradise of Pocono Pleasure’ and was especially set for romantic excursions.

Some lightening was installed that was re-used from the 1964 World’s Fair. The outside had a pool in the shape of a wedding bell and the resort offered an ice rink, tennis court, sports arena and several bars including one in the shape of a heart and so much more.

Unfortunately in 2009, the co-founder Frances Paolillo died at 102. after his death the resort closed less than 2 months later. The Penn Hills Resort owed 1 million dollars in back taxes and final pay checks were never issued to the employees. The hotel according to reviews and other statements was already falling apart with mold and just being plan out of date.

The hotel quickly fell into extreme disrepair and has mold and water damage. Copper thieves have already had their fill of this place as well. The resort became abandoned along with all the memories it held and Monroe County has already tried to auction it off to pay some of the taxes but as of 2013 it remains unsold.

Personally, I think it looks rather awesome and wish there were more places that offered unique and different opportunities.

Where is the abandoned Poconos Penn Hills Resort located? You can find it with these coordinates. 41.057592,-75.213349.

Images used under the Creative Common License Attribution Non Commercial 2.0 Generic. All images by Jonathan Haeber. [Flickr/Tunnelbug].

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